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Fairview Guest House

Fairview Guest House

Fairview Guest House

This family-owned establishment was built on faith, love and as a strong caribbean foundation by: David G. Richards; Born in Union Island and Millicent A Neverson- Richards; Born in Chateaubelair. Both served this country well, Him a police officer and Her a nurse / Midwife.

They left SVG in 1946 with great hopes of finding The American Dream and to one day return home, but illness kept them in the US until old age. They shared vivid memories of their birth place, which inspired the foundation of the Fairview Guesthouse.

As the torch of this royal legacy is now passed on and in recognition of their passion for life & love for SVG. This Guesthouse was built in their honor and the torch is now re-lit with great appreciation.

We at the Fairview Guesthouse pledge to serve our friends & guests with courteousy, respect and manners. We are continually committed to making our Guesthouse a place of comfort, solace and happiness.

We thank those who have supported this dream here in St Vincent & The Grenadines. The friends made along the way and the ones we have yet to meet. Ultimately, thanking God for the many blessings he has given and looking forward to the possibilities that life has to offer and the plans that God has in store.

The best experience ever. Would recommended it to everyone. It was a dream come true.

In loving memory of Kimella L Thomas Richards